About Us

With great enthusiasm, thinking about the dog as an animal that is committed and devoted to man, imposed a parallel thought about myself. Where did this love for dogs come from? Why so much desire? It was not difficult to conclude that everything points back to my father who would entertain me for hours with great stories of his youth; reliving the images of one of the beautiful periods of his life. I enjoyed listening to his stories about special dogs which he had raised, taking in every detail of the breeds and their properties. Although, to be honest, I did not make a distinction in important traits, except in appearance.

Over time, my knowledge about dogs received some boundaries, and my interest narrowed to one particular breed; the German Hunting Terrier. I selflessly spent my free time on examining the literature on this special breed, which had become very dear to me; however, my reading started peaking my interest in new breeds. I began studying about stronger dogs with extraordinary character. My new interests led me to develop a fondness for a special dog and new life direction. The American Staffordshire Terrier is the breed that had won my heart.

With great desire and support from family, I got a female AST mainly as a pet for fun. Soon after, I started to realize that my restless soul was longing for something more than a passing observation of one particular dog. This led me to branch out into new ventures; namely exhibitions and breeding ASTs. My ambition and determination allowed me to meet new acquaintances, such as the great AST breeder and kennel owner–the renowned “Long Step” Darko Zivanovic. He was of great support and assistance in establishing my own enterprise kennel, as well as a reference to relevant segments of breeding and the breed.
Also I have to mention my good friends Alan Catovic, owner of the Rottweiler kennel, Brcko Star, who helped me along the way in every aspect of this new adventure.

Today, I can sincerely say that I am pleased with what have we have achieved, and it is a great honor to be a breeder of AST. I am proud of the people that gave me support, starting with my father, then my other family members, and finally my dear friends.

Here I conclude my short presentation with the very inspiring words of American writer Josh Billings: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”